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Popcorn Removal Services and How-to's

If you are interested in Popcorn Removal services or just curious as to how popcorn is removed then you have found the right place.  Below is a list of things to know about removing popcorn, as well as a simple "how to" for the DIY'ers removing old or unwanted popcorn themselves.

Our Popcorn Removal Services Offered

  • Free estimates-We come to your home and provide a free estimate at no cost to you
  • Masking off-Protecting walls, floors, and furniture by properly protecting with paper and plastic
  • Removing old or painted popcorn-Water down popcorn if applicable and scrape smooth to old drywall
  • Fix typical removal damage-The removal process often causes small tears in the joint tape and drywall
  • Re-skim joints-Mud joints can become unsightly after removing old popcorn
  • Apply texture- Re-spray with knockdown or orange peel
  • 6 month warranty-Our craftsmanhip is guaranteed for up to 6 months after completion
  • Painting of Ceilings-One primer coat and one top coat of flat ceiling white (caulking is available)
  • The Removal Process

         For More information on the removal process please go here: How To Remove Popcorn


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