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Texture Services: We are no longer in business. We can offer a referal if you ask.

Our main specialty is spraying drywall texture, and listed below are the various types you can recieve.

  1. Knockdown
  2. Orange Peel or Splatter
  3. Popcorn
  4. Mini Knockdown

Tear Out, Replace, and Texture

Tear out bad drywall and replace with fresh drywall, then refinish and retexture.
Tear Out Refinish  

Preparation, Applying Texture, and Proper Clean Up.

Mask off using plastic, paper and tape, to ensure protection of all flooring, furniture, and walls where necessary.  Apply texture
using either a engine run 300 gallon spray rig, small portable machine, or hopper depending on the sizes and needs for proper
application. Textures applied are either Knockdown, Orange Peel, Or Popcorn.  Remove all paper, plastic, and tape to ensure
your home looked exactly as it did before any work was started.

Remodel after Masking

Apply Texture Proper Cleanup

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