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Tools and Equipment

We currently use a 300 gallon , gas driven engine with hydraulics and air compressor to spray houses, condos, all commercial work, and the majority of our remodels.

Masking Equipment

Our masking equipment consists of high quality 3M masking machines and special blades for cutting with.  We use painters plastic for windows and doors as well as paper and 1.5" masking tape also by 3M.  For most floor masking we will use either 2 mil plastic or high grade paper to make sure all floorings are well protected.

Spray Materials and Tools

Our spray materials is a quality powder mud by Magnum mixed with water to proper consistency for each application of Knockdown, Orange Peel or Popcorn. For tools, we use metal blades to take oversprayed mud off of walls and use plastic knives to wipedown(knockdown or trow) the mud. For orange peel we use quality spray tips to get a consistent and even pattern on walls.

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